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Anti-drones system Quad copters and Drones are becoming a nuisance and can compromise your privacy as they are becoming cheaper every day and more available. We carry a specialized range of jammers designed to disrupt remote control of a quad copters and Drones


Quadcopters/Drones remote controls frequency taype 3 bands:
1. 5.8Ghz 5500-5900 MHz -50W
2. 2.4Ghz 2400-2500 MHz – 100W
3. GPS – 100W
TOTAL : 250W

Total RF output power : 250W (Adjustable output power for each band)
Jamming Range: 1000-2500 meters@-75dBm
Power supply: AC adapter (AC220V-DC27V or 24V/ 40-50 Amp)
Adjustable Output Power each Band, Stand-alone modular design and individual power control.
Temperature over protection.
Working status indicator for each band modular.
Designed to cut off down-link only, Therefore it doesn’t have Interference to base station and repeater.
Weight:30 Kg (approximately) just main unit not included antenna & all accessories
Operating temperature: -20℃ ~ +60℃
Humidity: 5% ~ 90%

Anti-drones system Options:


Antennas: High gain Spiral antenna

anti drone jammer antenna


类别Category 螺旋天线Helical antenna
型号Model TDJ-2400LAN-14
频率范围Frequency range-MHz 2400~2500
带宽Bandwidth-MHz 100
增益Bandwidth-dBi 14
水平面波瓣宽度Horizontal Beamwidth-° 35
垂直面波瓣宽度Vertical Beamwidth-° 35
前后比F/B Ratio-dB ≧25
电压驻波比VSWR ≤1.5
标称抗阻Nominal resistance-Ω 50
极化方式Polarization 圆极化Circular Polarization
最大功率Maximum power-W 100
尺寸Dimensions-cm 30
重量Weight-kg 0.8
抗风强度Wind strength-m/s 60
接头型号Connector N座或客户指定 N Female customization
支撑杆直径Mounting Mast Diameter-mm Φ50~70
备注Remarks 抱杆安装

CCTV Antennas Template:

anti drone system list

Mobile lift:

Mobile lift for drone jammerAnti-UAV Defense System

Note:All Drone jammer Bomb Jammers, IED Jammers,RF Signal Jammer  and RCIED Jammers, including cell phone jammers and mobile phone jamming devices are sold for governmental, law enforcement and military users only.

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