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Convoy Protection Jammers

Electronic jammer can block all mobile phone calls including a call to trigger an IED, while a convoy carrying the VIP can speed through safely.
cts technologys now offer Convoy Protection Jammers for both civilian and Military mobile threats. Protecting VIP and Military troop convoys from the threat of roadside bombs or radio – controlled improvised explosive devices (RC-IED) is a high priority and a tactical challenge.
Now available a selection of “ ready to drive solutions” for the threat of road side bombs and organized riots. These vehicles are converted into dedicated, mobile bomb jammers implementing the most effective and reliable Radio Frequency jamming technology available.

1300W Convoy Jamming System No.MCP1.2

Convoy Jamming System

Convoy Jamming System Product Details: To protect military and VIP team as well as some important place from the road-side remote improvised explosive device (RCIED) attacks is becoming a global challenges and tremendous task in security fileds. The state-of -the -art Tangreat No.MCP 1.2 is designed with ultra-high RF transmission power of 1300 watts, resulting […]

14 bands VIP Convoy Protection Jammers for 100M

Convoy Protection Jammers

Product Description 产品介绍: 高功率宽频段无线信号干扰系统,总功率大于150W,特别为车队VIP安全护航研制 High Power 150W~200W Fully Integrated Broad Band Jamming System, it’s specially customized to accommodate a fully integrated broad band jamming system which provides the ultimate solution for Military and Police convoys or VIP protection.  Specification:产品特性(频率已经功率): RF Frequency Band ( MHz ): RF Output Power( Watt ) RF 射频功率输出以瓦为单位 -135-175MHz/Walky-talky ( VHF […]

Convoy Protection Jammers 868W

Convoy Protection Jammers

Introducing our Convoy Protection Jammers is a heavy duty IED Jamming System installed into the trunk of a car, rear of a truck, or armored vehicle. This vehicle Jammer is a covert Jammer, designed to saturate the environment with radio frequency pulses of electromagnetic energy.  These pulses prevent radio receivers found in remote controlled improvised […]

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